In addition to the construction of new moulds, we also carry out assistance and maintenance services for those already produced, to offer the customer the best guarantee of quality and efficiency over time.

Maintenance and spare parts

To assist our customers throughout the life cycle of our moulds, we offer the possibility of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in short time. It is also possible to define preventive maintenance programs, to better maintain the equipment and extend its useful life.
We also give the possibility to buy spare parts made on drawings, or standardized.

Moulds cleaning

Mould cleaning is an important process that must be carried out on a regular basis in order not to compromise the durability of the moulds. For this reason, we offer the possibility for those who are not equipped to use this service.

Sample set

This service allows you to check and solve possible critical issues before the mould is delivered.

Laser engraving

Thanks to laser technology we can make special engravings and markings on caves and / or on mould, even in hard-to-reach areas.